Sonel Test Measurement MIC-5001


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Insulation resistance measurement in a compact, light-weight, low-cost design.

  • Measurement to 5 TΩ
  • Measuring voltage selectable from 50 V to 500 V range in 50 V steps, and from 500 V to 5000 V range in 100 V steps
  • Continuous indication of insulation resistance or leakage current
  • Automatic discharge of stored charge due to capacitance of tested object after the insulation resistance measurement
  • Audio beeps every five seconds to alert user test is proceeding, and to get time characteristics
  • Measured test times of T1, T2 and T3 for measuring Absorption Coefficient, Dielectric Absorption Ratio DAR. and Polarization Index PI
  • Continuous display of test voltage during the measurement
  • Protection against measuring live objects
  • Two and three-lead measurement method
  • Ramp Test Insulation resistance measurement
  • Measurement of breakdown voltage with increments up to 1 kV / s
  • Measurement of alternating and direct voltages from 0 V to 750 V
  • 990 cells of memory (11880 records) to record results
  • Data transfer to PC via USB cable
  • Built-in rechargeable battery pack
  • Meets the requirements of the EN 61557 standard
  • Charge from optional car lighter (12 V) socket accessory

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Sonel Test Measurement MIC-5001