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The CM65 clamp meter is designed for solar installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting professionals. Photovoltaic (PV) installers can trust this rugged solar clamp meter to accelerate and simplify PV panel testing at new and existing sites. The quick-connect MC4 test leads and non-invasive clamp-on current readings make DC voltage measurements on solar panel strings and inverters safer, more accurate and easier to perform. Validate AC output and inverter efficiency quickly, and monitor readings from your smartphone via a wireless METERLiNK connection to the FLIR Tools mobile app. These features make the FLIR CM65 the PV installers go-to clamp meter for faster, safer results.

Optimized for solar installers

Get accurate testing capabilities like True RMS, LoZ, and Millivolt modes to get the job done right the first time.

Designed to help you work faster & smarter

This full-featured clamp meter with solar industry-standard MC4 connectors saves time and pinpoints trouble quickly.

The right tech to simplify your workflow

The FLIR CM65 is packed with tech tools to help you validate testing, document readings and share results with crews and customers.

  • Take measurements, document results, and then share them on the go
  • Identify trends and anomalies by data logging directly to the internal memory
  • View readings right on your mobile device using the CM65s METERLiNK and the FLIR Tools Mobile app -on the roof, on the ground, or anywhere on a job site


Accuracy for electrical and solar applications

The precision testing capabilities you need to get the job done right the first time

  • Trust AC voltage and current measurements from inverters and mains are accurate with True RMS
  • Eliminate errors from residual ghost voltage using LoZ (low impedance) mode
  • Get sharp ±1.5% accuracy when taking AC and DC current readings
  • Capture the smallest voltage fluctuations when calibrating equipment using the CM65s millivolt function


Tools you need to work faster and smarter

This full-featured clamp meter with solar industry-standard connectors helps you pinpoint trouble fast

  • Reduce the time needed for live/dead testing with included MC4 test leads
  • Gain quick insights with Data Hold, Min/Max readings, and relative mode to zero the meter
  • Troubleshoot string connections and components with a Continuity test mode
  • Measure resistance, frequency and temperature
  • Easily clamp around wires with the generous jaw (30 mm) and ergonomic design

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