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The Model TDS2-10 Conductivity/TDS Testing Pen monitors both conductivity and total dissolved solids in streams, rivers, or any other body of water. It picks up impurities and dissolved solids while checking the conductivity at the same time. This pocket sized tester is constructed of a durable ABS plastic waterproof housing and 316 SS electrodes to protect against corrosion. A large LCD display is easy to read and shows both the conductivity/total dissolved solids and temperature measurements simultaneously. Since change in temperature can affect accuracy, the TDS2-10 has automatic temperature compensation. Batteries included in packaging.

  • Large dual display temperature and conductivity or TDS with ATC
  • Water proof overlay
  • Adjustable TDS factor from 0.4 to 1.0
  • Auto power off
  • Built in temperature compensation
  • Quick response and easy to calibrate

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Dwyer Instruments TDS2-10