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  • Digital w/Analog Bargraph, Alarm, 50V, 100V, Ohm, Continuity, V, kΩ, Cap, Mem, Bluetooth w/DataView® software
  • Selectable test voltages from 10 to 1000V (model dependent)
  • Insulation resistance measurement up to 200GΩ (model dependent)
  • Automatic discharge at the completion of
  • the test

  • Manual, Lock & Timer test modes
  • PI/DAR Ratio calculations (model dependent)
  • Active voltmeter detects live voltage prior to starting a test
  • Automatic test inhibition if live voltage above 25 volts detected
  • Programmable alarms with Pass/Fail indication (model dependent)
  • 200mA/20mA continuity measurement with fuseless active protection
  • Measures V (AC & DC), Hz, Ω, kΩ, capacitance and cable length (model dependent)
  • ΔRel mode for comparative measurements displayed as a value or %
  • Test lead compensation eliminates lead resistance from continuity measurements
  • Data storage of test results (model dependent)
  • Computer report generation of test results (model dependent)
  • Insulation measurement on communication cables, Ethernet cables and other low voltage AC and DC wiring
  • Insulation measurement on electronic components and circuits
  • Special applications in the aerospace and defense sectors where specified test voltages are required
  • Cables, small motors, pumps, transformers and industrial equipment


Each Unit Includes

  • Soft carrying pouch
  • two 1.5m test leads (red/black)
  • two alligator clips (red/black)
  • 1 black test probe
  • two grip probes (red/black)
  • 6 AA batteries
  • quick start guide
  • USB stick with DataView® software
  • user manual

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AEMC 6532